Hand creams are much more advanced now and can treat a variety of skin conditions that require more than just hydration. Whether you want to fade age spots, tighten loose skin or soothe excessive dryness, there is a hand cream for you. Make sure you look out for ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, essential oils and Glycerin which will add much needed moisture to your skin. If you want anti-aging properties, look out for antioxidants and AHAs, as these will help boost collagen, which plumps the skin.


550 ฿ 450 ฿

Hand cream that has a special Shea Butter, has a delicate fragrance. Of various herbs Helping your hands smoother Reduce sweat odor at hand Helps soothe the skin that needs to be exposed to various things. All day long, the hands are not rough. And helps to reduce wrinkles caused by increasing age Intense cream, but quickly absorbed into the skin Not sticky, not oily, clear skin, perfect for those with dry to very dry hands Or those who have to work in the air room regularly How rough the skin is